Sister threatt's women breakout session (2018)

"COC Sisters We Love One Another

COC Sisters We Love Our Brothers 

COC Sisters We Love All Men

COC Sisters With Jesus We Can, Amen!"

1 Corinthians 13:1-13 Encourage your sisters. Edify. Enhance the kingdom. Do you know how to use your talent for God? Do you know your gift is God-given? Are you operating with LOVE? Don't complicate your relationship with Christ? The Corinthians had their issues, and guess what? We have our issues, too.

bro. jonathan morrison (2018)

Learning to Love on  Another Level

Luke 6:27-30

There are 3 types of people you come across in life. There are those who help you through difficult circumstances, those who abandon you through difficult circumstances, or those who put you in difficult circumstances.

The love that Christ is calling us to have is not selective. 

Please watch. This is a dynamic message on taking your love to the next level.

Files coming soon.