Please review the following questions to be discussed during our Wednesday bible study of Hebrews 13. We will live stream the class from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 

1. What are the marks/signs of Christian conduct that are mentioned in Hebrews 13:1-4?
2. How does the bible define marriage and discuss the subject in relation to Hebrews 13:4?
3. How can covetousness manifest itself in our conversation and how does spiritual maturity arm us against such behavior? (v. 5)

*questions 1-3 are for a quick review of our previous study _________________________________________________
4. Which individuals are being referenced in verse 7, and why are they important in the church?
5. What are divers and strange doctrines? How do they hinder
and/or endanger spiritual growth? (verses 8 and 9)
6. What is the altar spoken of in verse 10?
7. What comparison is made between Christ and the body of animals?
8. What is the significance of Christ suffering outside the camp and how do we go out to Him (12-13)?.
9. What is the sacrifice of praise in verse 15 and what type sacrifice(s) can we make to him?
10. What is the command, rationale, and warning given in verse 17? Who are the "leaders" referenced in this verse?

It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that we will advance beyond verse 17 this Wednesday. Additional questions will be added for the following week's study. Happy Studies!

In Him,
Brother Threatt

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Quiz 16

1. Who said, "My punishment is greater than I can bear."?

2. In parable of the sower, what did the types of seed represent?

3. When did a rod swallow other rods?

4. Who was Miriam and why did she become a leper?

5. What phrase is used in every verse of Psalm 136?

6. How did God punish Nebuchadnezzar for his great pride?

7. Who is Adam and Eve's third son?

8. What led to Paul and Barnabas separating?

9. Why did Elisha curse Gehazi?

10. What eight classes of persons did Christ pronounce blessed?