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Johnson Street Church of Christ

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Our Mission is to be 'Soul-Winners for Jesus'

Johnson Street is a Church that strives to be Bible-based, Christ-centered and People focused. All of our teachings are according to God's Word. We strive to speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where it is silent. 

Minister's Message


The Best You

We often consider renovating our homes, upgrading our cars, or even our wardrobes. However, many of us neglect the most important transformation--the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:1-2). The most important investment we will ever make is in securing our place in heaven. Let us always remember that It is a prepared place for a prepared people! Paul exhorts us to "make your calling an election sure"  (2 Peter 1:10). An essential part of this process is the transformation of our minds. It is not our responsibility to conform to the standards of this word. Instead, we are instructed to be transformed into a spiritual, Christ-centered people who  present our bodies as a living sacrifice. People sometimes say, "please, be patient with me. God is not finished with me yet." The reality is that growth and spiritual transformation is indeed a process. That said, let us be mindful that it isn't an accidental one. Let us strive daily to do His will. This involves the following: our study habits, our prayer life, and our actions. If we govern our thoughts, we will govern our actions. Strive to be the best, newly renovated version of yourself!

In Him and through Him,

Brother Threatt